C-Major No.4

Here is a video of how I think No. 4 should be executed.
To remind you from No.1:

  1. I use a metronome
  2. I distribute the bow evenly over 8 beats for the scale and 6 for the arpeggios.
  3. Shifting is executed slowly and with even speed between the two positions (more on this later)
  4. bow changes are slow
  5. contact point of the bow and the string does not change and the sound is concentrated and even.

In this scale, let's discuss the difference of sound on different strings. Notice here the vast difference between No.1 on the C string and No.4 on the a string. Look for a beautiful, singing sound, never stressed or pressed. The left hand should also be more relaxed, and observe the different position of the left thumb, elbow, and wrist.

In addition, find a good position for your viola, so that the string is parallel to the ground, and the bow can rest downwards on the string, rather than sideways if the viols is not flat.

I welcome your comments and questions.

Ori Kam